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Ikuti program perkuliahan MM-Sustainability Batch 22, September 2018


Why Choose Us

Menjadi ahli dalam perencanaan strategi, analisa, dan bagaimana melakukan program Sustainability yang berdampak besar bagi Global dan mengacu pada Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

Teaching Block System

Applying "Teaching Block System" methodology that allows students to focus 1 (one) subject per month.

Experienced Academic Leader

Learn from the experienced academic leaders and mentors from industry professionals.

Applicable Learning

Applicable learning that enables you to achieve your future career goals in Sustainability.

Weekend Class

Great schedule for working professionals, classes will be conducted only on weekends, located in Sudirman area.


Achieve Excellence and Make a Difference

Rencanakan strategi yang tepat dalam upaya pencapaian Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Program S2 Sustainability kami merupakan satu-satunya di Asia Pasifik!

Achieve Sustainability with us.

at MM-Sustainability, students will be able to learn how to conduct a long-term strategic plan to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that is also creating impacts for NEWS (Nature, Economy, Well-Being, Society)



Deep dive learning about Sustainability from Zero to Hero.


Sustainability Workshops

Discover 15+ more great workshop topics and
enhance your skills to achieve the future career goals!


Australia Certifications

Get certified in Diploma
of Project Management and Cert.IV Integrated Risk Management from Australia.


Be the leaders in Sustainability.

Are you ready to make a big change?
Let's achieve Sustainability together with us!
Open enrollment Batch 21, next intake on March 2018.

  • “Saya mendapat pengetahuan dan jaringan baru sehingga wawasan saya yang berkaitan dengan CSR dan Sustainability menjadi lebih luas. Selain itu, saya juga dapat mengenal teori CSR dan Sustainability dalam konteks yang benar. Apa yang saya pelajari sangat bermanfaat dalam menjalankan CSR dan Sustainability”
    Amalia Yunita
    Batch IX - Founder Bravo Advanture, Direktur Utama Arus Liar
  • “I had a great opportunity to exercise my practical experiences in CSR and Sustainability using the academic 'foundation' during my time in MM-Sustainability. The positive ambient in class and among the students helped me a lot to find out most of the question marks in this sector. The graduates of this program shall be an unique professional practioner of CSR Sustainability that able to combine practical experiences with proven theoritical basis.”
    Benni Logiardi
    Batch I - Professional Practitioner in CSR and Sustainability
  • “Program MM-Sustainability Universitas Trisakti ini lebih cocok disebut laboratorium sosial, di mana kami saling berbagi pengalaman empiris di lapangan dan dilengkapi dengan teori-teori yang diajarkan dosen-dosen bermutu dan rendah hati. Saya yakin, program ini akan mampu menjadi pelopor lahirnya model-model CSR dan Sustainability yang sesuai dengan keadaan sosial dan budaya Indonesia."
    Silverius Oscar Unggul
    Batch II - Presiden TELAPAK

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