About Us

We believe, through MM-Sustainability we are able to contribute and achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the areas of quality education, innovation, strong institution, partnership for the goals; and prosperity of the nation.

CECT Received grant from
Ford Foundation.

CECT (Center for Entrepreneurship, Change and Third Sector), as our think tank and a research center at Trisakti University, received grant from the Ford Foundation in 2007 for its program entitled "Business for Social Responsibility".

CECT established 
MM-CSR Trisakti University.

One of the activities in the "Business for Social Responsibility" program was to design curriculum and establish master degree program with specialisation in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), this was the establishment
of MM-CSR Trisakti University.

MM-CSR is transforming to 

The narrow perspectives and understandings 
of CSR in Indonesia often leads to misunderstanding. Many people still perceives CSR as donation and philanthrophy, in fact CSR is very wide and effective CSR Program can make profit to company/organisation. Therefore,
CECT decided to transform MM-CSR
to MM-Sustainability.


Our Vision

We Educate New Generations
to Become Leaders in Sustainability


Dr. Maria R. Nindita Radyati

Founding Director of MM-Sustainability
Executive Director of CECT Trisakti University

She completed her PhD from University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. She is an Edupreneur (Educator and Entrepreneur). She studied Executive Education Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA; Diploma of Project Management, Diploma of Consultancy, and Certified IV Integrated Risk Management at Interlink Australia.

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