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MM-Disaster management


risk mitigation is one of the key to sustainability

Indonesia is one of the most vulnerable countries prone to disaster in the world due to it's geographical conditions located in the Pacific Ring of Fire region, at the meeting point between 3 earth plates and has many volcanos. Due to high population, every disaster can resulted in many casualties. Knowledge and deep skills about Disaster Management is an absolute thing needed by Indonesia.

This program has a focus on improving the ability of Indonesian people to respond quickly to a large-scale humanitarian crisis and help reduce risks from disasters. Our focus of specificity courses includes two phases as follows:

System thinking for Disaster Management
  1. Issue mapping

  2. Command and control-coordination and collaboration

  3. Communication for disaster management

System thinking for Disaster Management
  1. Preparation (public education and resources)

  2. Response (technical rescues, human nature response, and communication)

  3. Recovery

our curriculum

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