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mm-CE (Magister Management Community Entrepreneurship)



Community Entrepreneurship is a branch of knowledge that originated from Social Entrepreneurship. To us, social enterprise is an enterprise that converts social issues into business opportunities. Community enterprise is a social enterprise that is owned by community. It is imperative to promote local community ownership that enables community becomes owner of their own business while solving social problems. Community enterprise will increase the dignity of the community and sense of belonging of the business and resulted in sustainable impact business activities.

MM-CE is a post graduate program with specialisation in Community Entrepreneurship which will benefit at least two sectors, i.e.: private sector: companies and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and third sector: non-government/non-profit organisations (NGOs/NPOs). Private sector will understand how to set "Exit Strategy" for their CSR program by preparing the community to have their own business through setting up a Community Enterprise. SMEs can turn their usual business into enterprises that solve social problems. Third sector, which are NGOs or NPOs, can convert their organisations into income-generating organisations while still dedicating to their missions in solving social issues.

Through MM-CE, we prepare the students to understand how to:

  1. Enhance their empathy to care about social issues

  2. Identify core problems in the society, whether it’s social, economic, or natural environmental issues

  3. Design and develop social innovation

  4. Develop a social enterprise business plan

  5. Establish and maintain a community enterprise


Our main objectives to establish MM-CE are to bridge between private sector and social entrepreneur as well as preparing many social entrepreneurs to solve social issues in partnership with private sectors.

our curriculum

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