Why Choose MM-Sustainability?

Develop critical thinking and enhance your skills to create Sustainable change
that is  SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound)

Block System

Applying "Teaching Block System" methodology that allows students to focus 1 (one) subject per month.

Academic Leader

Learn from the experienced
academic leaders and mentors from industry professionals.


Applicable learning that enables
you to achieve your future career goals in Sustainability.

Weekend Class

Great schedule for working professionals, classes will
be conducted only on weekends,
located in Sudirman area.


    Our curriculum is intentionally designed "PRACADEMIC" , i.e.: Practical and Academic.
    In collaboration with CECT (Center for Entrepreneurship, Change, and Third Sector), the curriculum provides many real case studies from the clients of CECT. In addition, CECT supports the MM-Sustainability program by supplying
    many tools. These tools are taught in the program so that students have the key resources that they can use in their own work place. Some of the tools include: "Radyati-Simmonds Sustainability LifeCycle", "Radyati KIS", and "Radyati-Simmonds MOMMY".

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    Our curriculum is designed to be applicable in the real industry world. MM-Sustainability graduates will gain practical skills, knowledge and industry-experience. We guarantee that you will make the most of you stand out from the crowd!

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It's time to make a BIG change
for the Sustainable world.

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